Scarlet Artists

To review portfolios and book with an artist at Scarlet Ink, please contact the artist of your choice directly via their social links below.
Vanny Scarlet
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As the owner of Scarlet Ink, Vanessa is dedicated to providing a  comfortable and professional tattoo experience. Her art ranges from fine and dainty line art to larger detailed designs.

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Ariana's versatile tattoo talents encompass a wide range of custom design capability - color or black and grey, detailed or fine line. She is now offering permanent makeup application.

Carlo Marco Scichilone
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Carlo is a very versatile tattoo artist. Contact him directly via Facebook or Instagram to set up an appointment.

Ashlee Hannington
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Ashlee specializes in children’s ear piercings. Having a background in childhood education and years of experience as a professional body modification artist - you can trust you and your children are in good hands.

Red Dahlia
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Having over 10 years of Graphic Design experience, Tairie specializes in custom illustrative & ornamental tattoo designs with a side of permanent magic.  Bright color or black and grey. Contact her directly to book: